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The Bulletin of Health Policy & Law is a new, multi-disciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal focused on bridging the gap between domestic and global health policy and law in the 21st century. The Bulletin covers a wide array of issues in health policy and law and provides a forum for news & developments, debates and commentaries, original research, and editorial content types on a host of issues involving national and global health, domestic and international law, and health governance.

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Featured Articles

: Time To End Free Drug Samples, Timothy C. Allen, MD, JD
Introduction: Pharmaceutical manufacturers are highly regulated, and must meet a plethora of governmental and nongovernmental guidelines and rules, some of which were enacted to address manufacturer improprieties regarding drug sales. Yet pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to use, and indeed increasingly utilize, extreme pharmaceutical marketing tactics that often incorporate deceptive methods or biased information... Click here for more

Original Research: Financing Medical Care in Underdeveloped Nations: Reflections from the Past and Context for the Future, Jozef Van Langendonck, PhD
Abstract: Global healthcare financing continues to create challenges for underdeveloped nations at the present time. Yet efforts to address the challenges of providing the necessary resources still continue to focus upon ad hoc solutions rather than a systemically focused, member state, mandatory contributions that build upon extant infrastructures such as WHO, WTO, the Global Fund, and other bodies… Click here for more

Recent Developments: FDA Generic Drug User Fee Proposal Aims to Enhance Safety, Access, and Transparency in the Generic Drug Market , Isabel Masanque
Abstract: The FDA has established three goals in establishing the Generic Drug User Fee Act: (1) improve safety through consistent, high quality standards; (2) enhance access to low-cost generic drugs by expediting the review process and making the drugs available in the market faster; and (3) increase transparency by identifying facilities involved in the manufacture of generic drugs... Click here for more
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